Getting to Know You: The Profile Essay and Building Community

Brief description of the classroom activity or assignment:

Students enrolled in the 052 section of an online ALP course are asked to create a user profile on Blackboard to include a photograph and a verbal description of themselves. Then they are paired with another student in the course (so there would be five pairs) and asked to interview one another and write a brief biographical profile of their partners. These profiles are then shared on the Blackboard discussion boards where they can be read and commented upon by all students and the instructor. This is a graded assignment.

Pedagogical aspect(s) this classroom activity or assignment addresses:

Active/Collaborative Learning
Editing Skills
Non-Cognitive Concerns
Scaffolding for ALP Students

Class in which this activity or assignment would be used:

ALP Section



By Lauren Beck
Jay Gitomer
Mary Jo Garcia-Brown

Community College of Baltimore County