Sample Essay Assignment: Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Brief description of the classroom activity or assignment:

We have a put together an example of an essay prompt that would be assigned in the 101 section, and three scaffolding exercises for the 052 section. Some of the smaller exercises could be done in the 101 section and reinforced in 052. The prompt asks the students to read and analyze “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, then apply that knowledge to current questions of justice. For the 052 students we have several exercises to break down the text and give opportunity to practice analyzing texts and working on proper quotation.

Pedagogical aspect(s) this classroom activity or assignment addresses:

Editing Skills
Integrating Reading and Writing
Scaffolding for ALP Students
Thinking Skills

Class in which this activity or assignment would be used:

Both English 101 and ALP Section



By Elsbeth Mantler
Tyler Sage
Karen Strother