The College Entrance Essay or the Career-Related Cover Letter

Brief description of the classroom activity or assignment:

Students enrolled in an English 101 / 052 are often just beginning their college education and need composition skill development that incorporates both theory and practice. In addition, these students they will also have to decide in the not-too-distant future where to continue their education or what career-field they wish to enter. Therefore, this assignment seeks to address two equally important objectives—the importance of audience and purpose in essay creation and the need to connect writing to real-world concerns and requirements. Therefore, this assignment has two options and the student selects one of the two. The first option is to write a college entrance essay; option two is to write a career-related cover letter to a specific employer. Each of these assignments will include two preparatory components: 1) a self-assessment section, and 2) research compilation of a primary and secondary nature. Each of these components must be completed before the student writes the essay.

Pedagogical aspect(s) this classroom activity or assignment addresses:

Active/Collaborative Learning
Editing Skills
Non-Cognitive Concerns
Thinking Skills

Class in which this activity or assignment would be used:

Both English 101 and ALP Section



By Mel Berry
David Murphy
Andrew Keating

Community College of Baltimore County