Penn State University, Abington College

1600 Woodland Rd.
Abington, PA 19001
Size of school (credit students): 0 – 5000

Contact information:

Karen Weekes

Developmental writing program

Percentage of students placed into developmental writing: 25%
Levels of developmental writing courses offered: 1
Non-ALP upper level developmental writing sections offered: 8
How are students placed into developmental English courses: Other
Developmental courses are located in the English Department.

About Accelerated Learning Program

Date began: August 20, 2012
Sections offered in 1st semester: 1
Sections offered current semester: 0
Model: CCBC ALP model
Class size for first-year composition sections: 24
Class size for ALP developmental section: 8
The same instructor teaches the first-year composition and the developmental course in ALP.
More than half of ALP first year composition class students have current placement first year composition.
ALP developmental class meets 1 hours per week.


Faculty are non-unionized and paid full credits for teaching ALP.