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Welcome to the website for the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) at the Community College of Baltimore County. ALP is a co-requisite model for developmental writing that began as a faculty initiative in 2007. Since that time, ALP has consistently produced dramatic improvements in student success rates and has demonstrated that it can be scaled up. And the success of ALP is not limited to CCBC. Numerous schools around the country have adopted/adapted ALP, and five states have launched wide-scale ALP adoptions: Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, and Virginia.

Our website offers information for those interested in knowing more about the program, wanting some help with starting an ALP initiative at their school, or looking for classroom materials for ALP classes. Explore the site and contact us if you have questions or would like to know more about our consultation services. Thanks for your interest in ALP.

Recent News

2015 Conference on Acceleration in Developmental Education


June 25th-26th, pre-conference workshops June 24th, Costa Mesa, California.
Plenary Speakers:
Mike Rose, Ph. D and John Hetts, Ph. D. Continue reading

2015 Plenary Speakers

We are excited to announce Mike Rose, Ph. D. and John J. Hetts, Ph.D. as our Plenary Speakers! Continue reading

2015 Conference Schedule

Tentative schedule for the 2015 Conference on Acceleration in Developmental Education. Please check back for the updates. Wednesday, June 24th Time Event Location 8:30 –12:00 Registration TBD PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS 9:00-12:00 Intro to ALP A half-day workshop for anyone contemplating adapting the … Continue reading

Findings from Year Two of a Nationwide ALP Study Available

The results from year two of a nationwide study, funded by the Kresge Foundation and overseen by Achieving the Dream, are now available in the report, “Replicating the Accelerated Learning Program: Updated Findings. ” Continue reading

New CCBC Student Data: ALP Students Earning More Credits Than Students Who Take Traditional Developmental Writing Classes

A recently released CCBC student data study shows ALP students are earning more credits (persisting) when compared to students who took the traditional developmental writing classes.  The study looked at 3 cohorts of ALP and Non-ALP students who enrolled at … Continue reading

Athens, GA

School size: 0 – 5000
ALP started August 23, 2012
Currently offering 1 section

Salt Lake City, UT

School size: 20,000 and larger
ALP started August 24, 2011
Currently offering 6 sections

Spotlight on ALP Schools