ALP on Huffington Post Live

Assistant Director of ALP at CCBC, Jamey Gallagher, did an excellent job representing developmental education and the ALP on Huffington Post Live. Unfortunately, much of the segment represented many of the misinformed attitudes towards developmental education illustrating why we should be concerned that legislators are talking about cutting funding for developmental education,  However, Professor Gallagher did a fine job supporting students and “that we need to rethink remedial education”.

It was disconcerting that the student on the show had never taken a developmental class. Moreover, her friends didn’t have to either; instead, they took them out of choice. Still, the commentator asked if they were angry taking the classes. In addition, it was suggested that students in remedial education shouldn’t even be in college and should be outsourced to trade schools.

Attitudes like many expressed on this segment are why it is so important that we improve developmental education quickly. We believe that ALP is one way to do this.


The full interview can be found at: Not Exactly College Prep