2016 Conference Schedule

Breakout Session 1 Thursday 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Planning Ahead: An Accelerated Path for Statistics
Loch Raven I

Neeraj Sharma, The Community College of Baltimore County
Cristina Voisei, The Community College of Baltimore County

Are you thinking about designing an Accelerated Path for Statistics? Join us to hear about and discuss our vision on moving forward in acceleration by embracing the opportunity to combine Introductory Algebra and Introduction to Statistics curricula.

Redesigning Developmental Math Education at LaGuardia Community College: Three examples of Accelerated Model Courses
Loch Raven II

Abderrazak Belkharraz, LaGuardia Community College. CUNY
Milena Cuellar, LaGuardia Community College. CUNY
Jeanne Funk, LaGuardia Community College. CUNY
Dong Wook Won, LaGuardia Community College. CUNY

Basic skills mathematics is recognized as a significant barrier for community college students between enrollment and degree completion. To address the significant attrition of students with developmental math needs, LaGuardia has been experimenting with accelerated models of developmental math education wherein the path to proficiency is shortened and the number of courses required is reduced.

What Am I Going to Do in Class?: Translating Pedagogical Principles into Classroom Activities

Integrated Reading/Writing
Harborview I

Summer Serpas, Irvine Valley College
Rebecca Kaminsky, Irvine Valley College

Participants will experience hands-on activities that illustrate how the shifts in pedagogical principles required by a shortened basic skills sequence manifest in the classroom. Presenters will take participants through Irvine Valley College’s instructional cycle for unit 1, including assignment preview, at-home and in-class reading activities, and writing workshops.

The Butler Community College Reading Cycle: A Backbone of Backward Design

Potomac Room

Katheryn McCoskey, Butler Community College
Andrea McCaffree-Wallace, Butler Community College
Diana Morton, Butler Community College

This session will describe the various phases of the Butler Reading Cycle and demonstrate several classroom-tested active-learning strategies we use to support students in each phase. We will also describe the way that our reading cycle has added regularity and structure to certain aspects of our ALP program’s backward design.

Storytelling with Data: Telling the Tale of ALP

Camden Room

Dawn Coleman, University of South Carolina
Susan Gabriel, Community College of Baltimore County

Learn how to tell the story of your acceleration program, including story components, the types of data you should gather, and how to use that data to effectively tell your story to a variety of audiences. Although we will use ALP data, the concepts can be used for any program.

Are Developmental Education Reforms Generating Equitable Outcomes for All Students?

Harborview II

Nikki Edgecombe, Community College Research Center
Jessica Brathwaite, Community College Research Center

Questions remain unanswered about whether the co-requisite model and other developmental English reform approaches benefit all students equally. Using student-level data from a CCRC evaluation, we examine changes in placement, enrollment and completion by racial subgroup for the co-requisite and other developmental English courses.