2016 Conference Schedule

Breakout Session 2, 11:40-12:40 p.m.

Using Quantway in an Accelerated Quantitative Literacy Pathway

Loch Raven I

Aaron Altose, Cuyahoga Community College
Heather Howington, University of North Georgia-Gainesville

Developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Quantway is an accelerated quantitative reasoning pathway that takes students from developmental-level to college-level mathematics. This session will give participants a hands-on experience with the research-backed curriculum and pedagogy. Be prepared to engage in a collaborative math lesson!

Pilot to Scale: ALP English at Lorain County Community College

Changing Campus Climate: How to Upscale an ALP Pilot to Achieve Institutional Support
Loch Raven II

Presenters and Abtracts:
Mollie Chambers, Lorain County Community College

This interactive session will present strategies utilized in the successful ALP English model at Lorain County Community College, which has moved from pilot to scale. Participants will explore one unit that includes scaffolded assignments, meta-cognitive activities, and sentence activities for the ALP class.

Carrie Myers, Lehigh Carbon Community College
Meredith Weidenbacher, Lehigh Carbon Community College
Susanne Smith, Lehigh Carbon Community College

In Fall 2013, Lehigh Carbon Community College piloted two ALP courses expanding to four by Fall 2014. For 2015, the ALP program expanded to 12 sections. By sharing scale-up methods which achieve institutional support, participants will apply the recommendations to their home institutions via simulations, role playing and case studies.

Get Techy: Expanding the IRW Co-req Experience

Integrated Reading/Writing
Harborview I

Gwenn Eldridge, Ivy Tech Community College

This session will share how Ivy Tech Community College implemented its IRW co-req course state wide, which has resulted in increased success rates. It also will share how McGraw-Hill’s Connect IRW has been used as an important, customizable tool. Bring your laptop to participate in a small-group activity as you create your own CONNECT assignment!

“This Is Not a Study Hall”: Training Math and English Faculty to Teach in Co-requisite Programs

Faculty Development
Harborview II

Rachel Kartz, Ivy Tech Community College
Christine Lesinger Emsley, Ivy Tech Community College

A successful accelerated model begins with well-developed faculty. In May 2015, a task force at ITCC began developing a co-requisite certification program for math and English faculty. The program co-chairs share and model training methodologies including training co-teachers, lessons learned, and the intersections (they exist!) between math and English faculty.

Directed Self-Placement: Multiple Steps and Measures to Accelerated Learning

Camden Room

Fiona Glade, University of Baltimore

Directed Self-Placement supports Accelerated Learning by encouraging students to feel responsible for their choices. Participants at this session will engage in guided peer review of DSP materials–a reading/writing/language inventory, placement rubrics, and impromptu writing assignments–and consider how multiple placement measures might promote students’ self-efficacy at their own institutions.

Psychological Issues and Emotional Disturbed Students and Faculty in the Accelerated Context

Potomac Room

Robert Miller, Community College of Baltimore County
Fawcett Dunstan, Community College of Baltimore County
Jenny Lee, Harford Community College

Exploring mental illness is an issue for both students and faculty, especially in the accelerated (often smaller) classroom. This presentation examines mental illness as a thematic composition topic as well as from the points of view of a student suffering from borderline personality disorder and a bipolar ALP instructor.