CADE 2017: Conference Schedule

Breakout Session 4, 3:15-4:15 p.m.

Georgia’s ALP/AMP Scale-Up Process

Capitol Ballroom 1

David Kuipers, South Georgia Technical College
Benita H. Moore, Technical College System of Georgia

This presentation will provide information on how the Technical College System of Georgia is implementing ALP/AMP at all 22 technical colleges in Georgia. The presentation will include data, strategies for reaching adult learners and diverse populations, and how the system addressed non-cognitive issues. The presentation will also provide information on how specific colleges have implemented the co-requisite model.

How to Get the Most out of a 1 to 35 Class Ratio? Providing Effective Support to all Acceleration Students

Integrated Reading and Writing
Capitol Ballroom 3

Julia Raybould-Rodgers, Allan Hancock College
Chellis Ying, Allan Hancock College

Due to the multi-leveled needs of an accelerated course, a common concern among instructors is supporting the vulnerable students who may get lost in a large classroom. This presentation will focus on specific just-in-time remediation methods that provide extra academic and affective support for these lower level students.

A Classroom for All: Accelerated English as a Path to Equity and Inclusion

Capitol Ballroom 2

Brandon Feres, Community College of Aurora
Candace McClelland-Fieler, Community College of Aurora

This session will be an interactive workshop that displays how the ALP English model can create a classroom environment that promotes equitable outcomes for students of color and other underserved populations. This will include a discussion of the Inclusive Excellence framework and how best practices in an ALP workshop class align with goals of inclusion and equity.

The Brakes are Out! Simultaneously Starting, Steering, Evaluating and Re-designing a New Accelerated English Curriculum.

Integrated Reading/Writing
Capitol Ballroom 5

Robert Lee, Pasadena City College

The presenter will discuss a new, accelerated English program at a large community college. We will review the genesis of the pilot, share the basic structure of the program, and invite the audience to cross-examine our initial results to look for P5 (Pollyanna Perceptions of Pilot Program Progress).

Effects of Accelerated Learning Program on Developmental Mathematics Students

Capitol Ballroom 6

Dr. Young Mee Oh, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology;
Professor Rodney Dash, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is generating promising results, but the research on ALP is limited. The current research was conducted to observe the effects of ALP on academic achievement and attitudes of developmental mathematics students at a Hispanic-serving college. The results suggest positive effects of ALP on developmental mathematics students.

Reading/Writing Projects

Integrated Reading and Writing
Capitol Ballroom 7

Peter Adams, Community College of Baltimore County

A presentation on organizing a reading/writing course around a few extended projects involving multiple readings, several short writings, much small group discussion, and other activities. The project approach allows students to become immersed in a topic for an extended time and, thereby, to produce much more thoughtful essays. Several sample projects will be described, and participants will be asked to begin developing a project of their own.