CADE 2024

The National Conference on Acceleration in Developmental Education (CADE)

The skyline of Milwaukee

CADE 2024 will be on June 3rd and 4th, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee.

Breakout session schedule forthcoming

 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Victoria Marron


Dr. Victoria Marron is the newly appointed Vice President of Student Services for Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California.

She has over 20 years of experience in various fields, such as K-12, nonprofit, criminal justice, and higher education. Throughout her leadership, she has seen the importance of creating and maintaining an equity-focused and evidence-based culture, to scale efforts and bring in new resources to students, ensuring their success at all levels.

Dr. Marron has served various roles, a High School Teacher, Case Worker, Juvenile Probation Officer, Grant Director, Executive Director, Adjunct, and Doctoral Professor. In all of these roles and leading into her current role as Vice President of Student Services, she maintains an equity-minded student-centered approach to her work.

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Petersen

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Petersen is the Manager of Student Retention at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and a Holistic Student Supports and Data coach at Achieving the Dream. He has devoted his career to building systems that support rigorous, high-quality educational experiences through excellent teaching, holistic support, and strategic use of data.

He began his career as a Biology faculty member and remains an active adjunct faculty member while also serving numerous administrative and leadership roles. His work includes leadership in the areas of early alert, holistic student support and coaching, and strategic use of many types of data to evaluate and improve student interventions. Most recently, he has been on the leading edge in using predictive and disaggregated data to strengthen equity initiatives. Matt has had the opportunity to speak and facilitate at numerous national conferences and convenings.

Kristin Sericati

Kristin Sericati is a Developmental Reading & Writing Instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Her passion for teaching and her commitment to student success have helped to shape NWTC’s innovative approach to developmental education. Her efforts center on accelerating developmental education courses, incorporating embedded holistic student supports, and empowering students through engaging and interactive content. She believes that instilling confidence and establishing strong connections between students and the college are key factors in ensuring not only academic success but also a sense of belonging within the NWTC community.

Kristin has presented her work at multiple national conferences, embracing each opportunity as a chance to collaborate and learn from peers while continuing her growth as an educator.