Non-Cognitive Concerns

The College Entrance Essay or the Career-Related Cover Letter

Students enrolled in an English 101 / 052 are often just beginning their college education and need composition skill development that incorporates both theory and practice. In addition, these . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

Getting to Know You: The Profile Essay and Building Community

Students enrolled in the 052 section of an online ALP course are asked to create a user profile on Blackboard to include a photograph and a verbal description of themselves. Then they are paired with . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

ALP Student Survey

This survey is a great way for you to get to know your ALP students. I like it because it covers a variety of topics, including home life, possible roadblocks to their success in the class, and . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

It's All About Me

This activity is a great way to help ALP students get to know each other while giving some thought to their personal goals and strategies for success in college. I use this activity during the second . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]