Features of ALP Responsible for Its Success

Since we started piloting ALP in fall of 2007, we have been attempting to determine exactly which featues of ALP are primarily responsible for its phenomenal success. To this end, we have conducted pre- and post-semester student surveys, and we have asked faculty to submit weekly observations of student performance. As a result, we have identified eight features of ALP that seem to account for most of the improved success rates:

  1. ALP students are mainstreamed into ENGL 101 for which they can receive college credit.
  2. ALP students are part of a cohort of eight students and one instructor who spend six hours a week together.
  3. ENGL 101 serves as a meaningful context for what they are learning in the developmental course.
  4. Class size is just eight changing the instructional environment.
  5. The pipeline through which they must travel is shortened from two semesters to one.
  6. In the ENGL 101 class, ALP students work with students who are stronger writers and can serve as role models.
  7. ALP instructors consciously pay attention to helping ALP students develop successful student behaviors.
  8. ALP instructors consciously pay attention to issues from outside the college that may have a negative impact on ALP students.