ALP video introduction

Video 1: What Problems Does ALP Address?

In this first video, we discuss the problems we discovered with our developmental writing program at CCBC in the early 90s. In addition, we discuss the reasons so many schools and, in some cases, states are redesigning their developmental writing programs.

Video 2: What is ALP?

This video explains how ALP is structured, explores the advantages of the model, describes several variations on ALP that have been developed by other schools, and describes the features of ALP that seem to be responsible for its success.

Video 3: What Are the Results?

The third video presents data from a 2012 study by the Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

Video 4: How Much Does ALP Cost?

In the final video we explain that even though ALP appears to be expensive, it is not. In fact, the costs per successful student are lower under ALP than under most traditional models.