Sample Classroom Materials Entry

Brief description of the classroom activity or assignment:

This activity is a great way to help ALP students get to know each other while giving some thought to their personal goals and strategies for success in college.  I use this activity during the second week of class.  The activity consists of a survey, “The Big Picture,” which leads into a short writing assignment.  In addition, students will introduce themselves to the class in a short oral presentation, based on the survey and writing assignment.  This has been one of the most successful non-cognitive activities I’ve ever created.  Students enjoy completing the survey and the essays that come from the writing assignment are always strong and lay a good foundation for the writing assignments in the credit class (Eng. 101).  Even students who do not like speaking in public enjoy this project.

Pedagogical aspect(s) this classroom activity or assignment addresses:

Non-Cognitive Concerns
Scaffolding for ALP Students

Class in which this activity or assignment would be used:

ALP Section


Assignment sheet for the writing project

By Susan Gabriel
Institute Attended: CCBC Faculty August 2013