What plans does ALP have for the future?


  • We are currently participating in a project coordinated by the Community College Research Center and funded by the Hewlett Foundation to support and study the replication of ALP at other schools.

Partner Schools

  • Under the CCRC project described above, we will select two schools to partner with in academic year 2011-2012 and four more in 2012-2013.
  • We are also eager to provide support to any school that is interested in adopting ALP.


  • Offer 80 sections of ALP to 640 students
  • Work with partner schools to plan their ALPs for fall 2011
  • Revise and expand handbook for teaching ALP
  • Conduct surveys of students designed to study what characteristics distinguish developmental students from students in credit writing courses.
  • Collect data on persistence and success, including long term persistence and degree completion
  • Presentations at the following conferences
    • CCCC (Atlanta, GA)
    • AtD Strategy Institute (Indianapolis, IN)
    • TYCA Midwest (Des Moines, IA)
    • Strengthening Student Success Conference (Anaheim, CA)
    • AACC (New Orleans, LA)
    • Complete College America Conferences (Denver, CO, and Miami Beach, FL)
    • TYCA Northeast (Washington, DC)
    • AYPF Forum (Washington, DC)
  • Propose permanent status for ALP at CCBC
  • Conduct Third National Conference on Acceleration in Dev ED


  • Offer 160 sections of ALP at CCBC
  • Partner schools offer pilot sections
  • Work with additional partner schools to plan for pilot sections for fall 2012
  • Permanent status for ALP at CCBC
  • Conduct Fourth National Conference on Acceleration in Dev ED