2016 Conference Schedule

Breakout Session 6, 2:00-3:00

Maximizing the Positive Effect of Accelerated Programs: An Introduction to Some Best Teaching Practices Supported by Behavioral Principles

Loch Raven I

Mari Watanabe-Rose, The City University of New York
G. Michael Guy, The City University of New York

Accelerated programs for students needing remediation have been increasing student success. To maximize the positive effects, the authors recommend evidence-based best teaching practices, supported by behavioral principles, be embedded in the programs. The audience is encouraged to share ideas regarding their current and future practices, based on the introduced principles.

Accelerated Learning – Moving Ahead

Loch Raven II

Kate Abromaitis, Community College of Baltimore County
Kathy Baranoski, Community College of Baltimore County

A discussion of successful techniques from CCBC’s accelerated timeline and combined curriculum classes. Examples will be drawn from the school’s Pre-Algebra/Introduction to Algebra and Intermediate Algebra/College Algebra classes.

An Accelerated Model for Academic ESL: How ALPESOL Benefits Students

Harborview I

Rachele Lawton, Community College of Baltimore County
Alex Garrido, Community College of Baltimore County

What curricular structures and pedagogical approaches are effective for accelerating academic ESOL writing through alignment with English composition? This session will provide an overview of ALP-ESOL, CCBC’s ESOL ALP model, explore what makes ALP-ESOL pedagogy unique and successful, and provide data on the success of this model to date.

The Engagement of ALP and AVID: An Effective Active-Learning Match

Active Learning
Harborview II

Cory Teubner, Butler Community College
Katheryn McCoskey, Butler Community College
Jim Buchhorn, Butler Community College
Sheryl LeSage, Butler Community College

As Butler’s ALP courses have come to scale, our pedagogical practices have matured with them. ALP flourished at Butler due partly to a parallel campus initiative, a grant from AVID for Higher Education. This session will describe – and employ – the AVID-informed teaching tools instilled into Butler’s ALP pedagogy.

“Reading This Made Me Rethink My Whole Life” and other Outcomes from Critical Thinking About Media Use Among Community College Students

Camden Room

Karin Admiraal, Community College of Baltimore County
Patricia Rennie, Community College of Baltimore County

This unit is designed to help students think critically about their own social media use and the role of technology in society. The unit comprises reading, writing, and discussion assignments, along with scaffolding activities for the ALP classroom including an interview, practice using sources, a blog, and a Socratic seminar.

Write Here Right Now: Activities to Foster Writing Across the Curriculum

Integrated Reading/Writing
Potomac Room

Maureen Abbate, Community College of Rhode Island
Leslie Dolan, Community College of Rhode Island
Paula Domenico, Community College of Rhode Island
Dina Levitre, Community College of Rhode Island
Ellen Mroz, Community College of Rhode Island

Join CCRI English faculty in an interactive session full of concrete examples of essay assignments and exciting activities of the Accelerated Learning Program in writing. CCRI faculty will show participants their most successful strategies and innovative lessons for supporting developmental writing students in successfully completing their required writing courses in one semester.