Classroom Materials

Sample Essay Assignment: Letter from a Birmingham Jail

We have a put together an example of an essay prompt that would be assigned in the 101 section, and three scaffolding exercises for the 052 section. Some of the smaller exercises could be done in the . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

The College Entrance Essay or the Career-Related Cover Letter

Students enrolled in an English 101 / 052 are often just beginning their college education and need composition skill development that incorporates both theory and practice. In addition, these . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

Getting to Know You: The Profile Essay and Building Community

Students enrolled in the 052 section of an online ALP course are asked to create a user profile on Blackboard to include a photograph and a verbal description of themselves. Then they are paired with . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

ALP Student Survey

This survey is a great way for you to get to know your ALP students. I like it because it covers a variety of topics, including home life, possible roadblocks to their success in the class, and . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]

It's All About Me

This activity is a great way to help ALP students get to know each other while giving some thought to their personal goals and strategies for success in college. I use this activity during the second . . . [admin_only] [/admin_only]